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Vision for Kentucky

Better Schools
Strong Economy
Safe Streets

“In a campaign of this magnitude, our people need to hear
not only the case against Andy Beshear, but also
what I intend to do as the next Governor of Kentucky.”
-Daniel Cameron

The Cameron Catch-Up Plan is an historic expansion of reading and math instruction, a restoration of order in the classroom, a concerted effort to reduce Kentucky’s epidemic of truancy, and a surge of resources directly to the teachers who deserve our respect and admiration.

Click here to read Cameron’s Catch-Up Plan

Cameron’s Vision for Prosperity is a commitment to rewarding hard work and expanding economic opportunities for all citizens. The vision includes 10 economic principles that will guide him as Kentucky’s next governor.

Click here to read Cameron’s Vision for Prosperity

The Cameron Public Safety Plan is a robust agenda that directly addresses the rise of crime, drug trafficking, and overdoses, and the need to retain and recruit officers. The Kentucky State FOP endorsed Daniel Cameron for Governor.

Click here to read Cameron’s Public Safety Plan