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Held the Biden Administration Accountable 

  • Cameron filed a lawsuit challenging the Biden Administration’s decision to cancel the Keystone Pipeline which caused gas prices to skyrocket.
  • Cameron filed a lawsuit to hold the Biden Administration accountable for its decision to terminate the Title 42 policy that resulted in a surge in illegal immigration to the U.S.

Stopped the Biden-Beshear Big Government Mandates

  • Cameron stood up for individual liberty by successfully stopping the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for private businesses. General Cameron has led the charge against further mandates targeting federal contractors, healthcare workers, and Head Start programs.

Took on Governor Beshear

  • Successfully defended multiple laws passed by the General Assembly that limited Governor Beshear’s overreaching powers during a national pandemic.

Proudly Defended the Right to Life

  • A pro-life champion, Cameron defended Kentucky’s pro-life laws, including the Heartbeat Law, Humanity in Healthcare Act, and House Bill 5 which outlaws discriminatory abortions based on race, gender, and perceived disability.
  • Cameron successfully argued at the U.S. Supreme Court for the right to continue defending Kentucky’s law that bans live dismemberment abortions.

Ending the Opioid Epidemic

  • Cameron spearheaded the creation of the Opioid Abatement Advisory Commission, tasked to distribute the Commonwealth’s portion of the over $842 million from settlements Cameron reached with drug companies for their role in the deadly opioid crisis. Funds will be split between state and local government to go toward programs supporting addiction intervention, treatment, and recovery.

Led the Fight Against Critical Race Theory

  • Cameron was among 20 state Attorney Generals who signed on to a letter in opposition to a proposal from Biden’s U.S. Department of Education’s to prioritize federal grant programs that fund the usage of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and “1619 Project” in classrooms.

Defended Our Conservative Values

  • Cameron stood with the General Assembly in support of a bill to protect women’s sports and promised to defend the law if it was challenged in court.
  • Launched a national investigation into Facebook and TikTok looking at the harms the platforms continue to cause among children and young adults.

Fighting Back Against the ESG Movement

  • Cameron’s office is defending Kentucky from the radical ESG movement that would cripple the Commonwealth’s economy. The goal of the ESG movement is the destruction of Kentucky’s fossil fuel industry using taxpayer’s hard earned money. Cameron’s office released the first Attorney General’s Opinion in the nation on ESG investment practices that affirms that politics has no place in our public pensions.