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Andy Beshear: No Regrets, Ever

October 24, 2023

Louisville, Ky. (October 24, 2023) — In last night’s KET debate, Andy Beshear refused to say if he had any regrets about his time in office or if he could go back would make any different decisions during the pandemic.

“Last night, Andy Beshear said he had no regrets about his handling of the pandemic or any other scandal that has occurred on his watch,” Daniel Cameron said. “We need a true leader in Frankfort who is going to admit when he’s wrong and take ownership. Whether it’s supporting Joe Biden or shutting down our churches, Andy’s response can be summed up in three words: no regrets, ever.” 

Andy Beshear: No Regrets, Ever

Beshear endorsed Joe Biden twice for president, and was indifferent last night to the pain ‘Bidenomics’ has inflicted on Kentucky families. Andy would not speak out against Biden’s failed economic policy. 

Beshear shut down schools for nearly two years, and has no plan to get our kids caught up. Last night, he offered no apology or plan to teachers, parents, or children who are facing challenges brought about by historic learning loss.

Beshear shut down our churches on Easter, and sent state troopers to record the license plates of individuals who showed up to worship. When asked directly last night, he offered no apology.

Beshear shut down small businesses, and told you to stay home, but gave you no way to support your family. Last night, he blamed everyone else for his administration’s inability to deliver the benefits Kentuckians needed, even though his own Lt. Governor led the unemployment office at the time, which left 400,000 emails unread.

Beshear placed the protection of criminals ahead of the safety of honest, hard working citizens. Homicides are up in Louisville nearly 80 percent since he took office. They are up 30 percent statewide.

Beshear let out nearly 2,000 criminals during the pandemic. 70 percent went on to recommit. 52 percent recommitted felonies, including multiple instances of kidnapping and sodomy. He offered no apology for the families and communities ripped apart by the violence of the criminals he released. 

Beshear failed our kids in the state’s custody. Kids in the foster care system are sleeping on floors in dilapidated government buildings. There is widespread abuse in juvenile detention centers across the state. Andy has held no one accountable and offered no apology to the children he has failed.