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Beshear can’t hide his ‘lyin’ eyes’

October 23, 2023

TV Andy’s true identity comes out during KET debate 

Louisville, Ky. (October 23, 2023) – Attorney General and Republican nominee for Governor, Daniel Cameron, exposed the lies TV Andy uses to mislead voters.   

“Beshear reminds me of the Eagles song – you can’t hide your lyin’ eyes,” Cameron said. “One thing I’ve learned about Andy Beshear, there’s a TV Andy and then there’s a Frankfort Andy. TV Andy lies to you about his record on jobs, the economy, teacher raises, and crime. But when he goes to Frankfort, Andy vetoes tax cuts, is beholden to Joe Biden, protects transgender surgeries for kids, and is Planned Parenthood’s greatest champion.  So the question for the citizens of Kentucky is: Haven’t you had enough?”