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New Cameron Ad Focuses on Fighting Biden Agenda

October 4, 2023

Cameron says Beshear will never stand up to Biden

Louisville, Ky. (October 4, 2023) – The Daniel Cameron for Governor Campaign released a new television ad touting Daniel Cameron’s commitment to standing up to Joe Biden.

“I’ve taken Joe Biden to court more than 20 times and won,” Daniel Cameron said. “Andy Beshear is a Biden Liberal who won’t stand up to the President when he’s wrong for Kentucky. I’ve always put Kentucky first and held Biden accountable as Attorney General. That’s exactly what I’ll do as Governor.”

The ad highlights Attorney General Cameron’s fight against Biden on multiple fronts, including Cameron’s efforts to secure the southern border, reverse federal vaccine mandates, and halt the Green New Deal.

Watch “Kentucky First”

Ad script:

When Joe Biden abused his power and opened the southern border, I took him to court.

When Biden mandated vaccines, I got it reversed.

When Biden drove up the cost of new cars and gas at the pump, I rallied a dozen state governments to block him.

Now, the Washington Liberals want to change our country for the worse. As your Governor, I will fight them every day.

Andy Beshear? He never will.

I’m Daniel Cameron and I put Kentucky First, even when it’s hard.