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Cameron: New Report Shows Biden-Beshear Agenda Leaves You Poorer

September 26, 2023

Louisville, Ky. (September 26, 2023) – Daniel Cameron released the following statement in response to a new Bloomberg report that shows Americans have fewer savings today than they did before the pandemic, after adjustment for inflation.

“Andy Beshear and Joe Biden are downright indifferent to the pain they’ve inflicted on Kentucky families,” Daniel Cameron said. “As you deal with skyrocketing grocery prices and shrinking savings, Beshear continues to brand this inflation as ‘temporary.’ Beshear’s response to inflation is just like his response to COVID: just 30 more days to slow the spread. For Andy Beshear, everything is temporary, but for you, your lost savings are permanent.”

According to the report from Bloomberg:

  • “For the bottom 80% of households by income, bank deposits and other liquid assets were lower in June this year than they were in March 2020, after adjustment for inflation.” Bloomberg, Sept. 25, 2023 

Andy Beshear doesn’t believe you deserve to keep more of your paycheck:  

  • Andy Beshear opposes eliminating Kentucky’s income tax and vetoed an income tax cut last year during 40-year high inflation. WHAS 11, April 8, 2022

Joe Biden is bankrolling Beshear’s campaign because he knows Andy supports him and his policies. 

Daniel Cameron wants to eliminate the income tax because he believes your money belongs to you, not the government. 

  • Daniel Cameron released a Vision For Prosperity, which includes eliminating the income tax, so that Kentuckians can save money and fight Bidenomics. YouTube, Aug. 30, 2023