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ICYMI: Washington Post says Beshear is a “progressive Democrat” who “almost never criticizes” Joe Biden

September 8, 2023

Louisville, Ky. (September 8, 2023) – Yesterday, a liberal columnist in the Washington Post praised Andy Beshear as a “progressive Democrat” who doesn’t “do much to appease conservative voters” and “almost never criticizes” Joe Biden.

“A liberal columnist just said the quiet part out loud: Andy Beshear is a liberal progressive Democrat who is beholden to Joe Biden and the Democrat party,” Cameron for Governor Communications Director Sean Southard said. “In this election, a vote for Andy Beshear is a vote for Joe Biden.”

The columnist writes: “Beshear is a Democrat — he’s a firmly pro-abortion-rights, pro-LGBTQ+, pro-union, pro-racial-equity one…The governor’s policy stances are virtually indistinguishable from most Democratic officials across the country. Beshear almost never criticizes the president or others in the party.”

Read the full column here.