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Cameron Unveils “Vision for Prosperity” to Reward Work, Unleash Kentucky’s Economic Potential

August 30, 2023

Under Governor Daniel Cameron, work will be rewarded

Louisville, Ky. (August 30, 2023) – Earlier today, Daniel Cameron, Attorney General and Republican Candidate for Kentucky Governor, announced his Vision for Prosperity, which is a commitment to rewarding hard work and expanding economic opportunities for all citizens. The vision includes 10 economic principles that will guide him as Kentucky’s next governor.

“As the son of small business owners who grew up working in a coffee shop, I know the value of work and the right of Kentuckians to enjoy the fruits of their labor,” Daniel Cameron said. “In a Cameron Administration, we will reward a culture that respects work, not one that settles for government dependence. We will lift up every Kentuckian who works hard, plays by the rules, and wants to give their children a better life.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are fewer Kentuckians working today compared to the day Andy Beshear took office. Kentucky ranks at the bottom of workforce participation and has consistently trailed the national average according to the Kentucky Chamber Foundation. Two-thirds of the American people support work-requirements, including half of Democrats. 

“I don’t believe the American Dream is a check from a government welfare program,” Cameron added. “The economic philosophy shared by Andy Beshear and Joe Biden looks like this: soaring inflation, higher gas prices, and an ever-growing welfare state that pays able-bodied workers to sit at home. A vote for Beshear is a vote to validate these failed policies. This race is about two contrasting visions for Kentucky and my Vision for Prosperity makes that choice clear.”

The Cameron Vision for Prosperity includes the following principles: 

·      Your money belongs to you, not the government.

·      Work is honorable. 

·      Merit should determine outcomes. 

·      The social safety net shouldn’t be a trap. 

·      Families are the bedrock of society and economic policies should support them. 

·      A strong education system builds a strong economy.

·      Kentucky should embrace its advantages, not run away from them. 

·      Kentucky should be the best place in America to start and grow a business. 

·      Rural communities deserve support and opportunity. 

·      State government is the first line of defense against federal overreach.

Download the full list of principles and descriptions here.

Watch Cameron’s press conference here.