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August 21, 2023

Louisville, Ky. (August 21, 2023) — The Cameron for Governor campaign released a new television ad statewide today focusing on the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)’s endorsement of Daniel Cameron. 

“I want voters in every corner of our state to know that I have the support of the Fraternal Order of Police and that I back the blue,” Daniel Cameron said. “Their support is a testament to the values we share and our common goal of building a safer and more unified state. As Governor, I will work tirelessly to provide our law enforcement with the resources and respect they deserve.”

In a letter last week, the FOP announced it was endorsing Daniel Cameron over Andy Beshear. The state’s largest police organization had previously endorsed Beshear for governor in 2019. 

In the endorsement letter, State President Berl Perdue, Jr., noted Attorney General Cameron’s historically strong relationship with law enforcement. 

“During his tenure as Attorney General, Daniel has had our backs,” Perdue said. “Our members know that he is available when needed, supports us in good and bad times, and ultimately offers the best platform for law enforcement to thrive in the Commonwealth.”

The Fraternal Order of Police boasts a membership that includes more than 10,700 active or retired law enforcement officers.

In 2020 alone, Andy Beshear released 1,700 criminals from jail, with nearly 50 percent of these criminals going on to reoffend. Nearly a third of the 1,700 went on to commit felonies. 262 of the 1,700 were later charged with misdemeanors.

In 2020, rural counties saw a 68.5% increase in homicides. From 2019 to 2021, carjackings in Louisville increased by more than 200%. Louisville has experienced a historic high of murders for three years in a row, and under Andy Beshear’s watch, Louisville has outpaced Chicago and Philadelphia’s murder rates.

Watch the ad.

Ad script:

Protestors: If we don’t get it, burn it down! If we don’t get it, burn it down!

Daniel: They tried to intimidate me and my family. I stood strong then and I won’t back down now. 

Narrator: That’s why Kentucky’s largest police organization endorses Daniel Cameron. They gave up on Andy Beshear. 

Daniel: I support tough prosecution, tough sentencing, and tough enforcement. Kentucky law enforcement knows I have their back. And they have mine. I’m Daniel Cameron. We need a governor who backs the blue and that’s exactly the kind of governor I’ll be.