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ICYMI: Cameron Unveils “Catch-Up Plan” To Address Learning Loss

August 18, 2023

Will authorize a fully-funded tutoring program, restore classroom discipline, and surge resources to teachers and classrooms

Louisville, Ky. (August 18, 2023) – Daniel Cameron, Attorney General and Republican Candidate for Kentucky Governor, held a press conference earlier this week to unveil the Cameron “Catch-Up Plan” to address the generational learning loss as a result of Andy Beshear’s lockdowns. 

“This is the Cameron Catch-Up Plan: an historic expansion of reading and math instruction, a restoration of order in the classroom, a concerted effort to reduce Kentucky’s epidemic of truancy, and a surge of resources directly to the teachers who deserve our respect and admiration.” 

– Daniel Cameron, Attorney General and Republican Nominee for Governor. 

Watch General Cameron’s full press conference here 

House Education Committee Chairman James Tipton:

“For years, Andy Beshear has made empty promises to teachers, parents, and students. He inflicted historic learning loss on a generation,” House Education Committee Chairman James Tipton said. “And now he suddenly cares about education? He nor any member of his office has reached out to me to discuss any plan. Daniel Cameron has. The education framework released by Daniel Cameron has a much better chance of passing than anything proposed by this Governor and his administration. 

Senate Education Committee Chairman Steve West:

“Attorney General Daniel Cameron‘s budget proposal addresses our students’ most immediate needs, and that is learning loss. His plan would use funding to mitigate the damage caused by Governor Beshear’s school shutdowns. It provides teachers with opportunities to supplement their income by offering additional support for students who need more help. Cameron’s plan provides funding to create a classroom culture conducive to learning while funding areas to improve discipline. To truly improve educational outcomes in Kentucky, we must equip students to read proficiently today.” 

Cameron noted the vast difference between his ability to work with the GOP majority in Frankfort and his opponents. 

“My plan was developed in consultation with legislators and school leaders– something this Governor has never done. A Daniel Cameron Administration will bring an unprecedented level of collaboration in Frankfort centered on supporting students and educators,” Cameron said. 


According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and the Kentucky Department of Education, fewer than half of Kentucky students are proficient in math or can read on grade level. Only 29% are proficient in science.

Students are also missing school at a historic high. Chronic absenteeism is near 30% since Andy Beshear’s lockdowns. That means 3 in 10 kids are barely attending school at all.

In order to combat these historic challenges, the Cameron Catch-Up Plan will authorize a fully-funded tutoring program, restore classroom discipline, and surge resources to teachers and classrooms.

“Kentucky teachers and parents are working incredibly hard to support students, but they don’t have a Governor who is doing the same,” Cameron added. “The Cameron Catch-Up Plan will give teachers and parents the tools our students need to recover what Andy Beshear stole from them.”