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ICYMI: Cameron calls out Beshear for lying about gender-reassignment surgery for kids

August 10, 2023

Also highlights out of touch priorities resulting in JCPS school closures

Louisville, Ky. (August 10, 2023) – Daniel Cameron, Attorney General and Republican Candidate for Kentucky Governor, held a press conference today to address the Governor’s continued, and pervasive attempts to mislead Kentuckians. 

“Andy Beshear  looked directly into a camera and lied about his record on gender reassignment surgeries for minors.”

“In February, he inflated the number of teacher vacancies.”

“In March, he said more Kentuckians are employed than ever before in our state’s history. In fact, there are fewer people working today than the day he took office.”

“His Administration exaggerated a drop in homicides, having somehow lost track of at least 100 homicides.” 

– Daniel Cameron, Attorney General and Republican Nominee for Governor. 

Watch General Cameron’s full press conference here 

Cameron also addressed the nearly 100,000 students in Jefferson County who are staying home today and tomorrow after significant transportation issues on the first day of school.

“The school board here spent nearly two meetings looking at ways to defy Senate Bill 150. In my judgment, they should have been planning and preparing for this school year. Making sure our drivers were acclimated to their bus routes,” Cameron said. “Again, our schools have to get back to the basics.” 


On Monday, the Cameron Campaign highlighted a letter from the University of Kentucky clinic that admitted it performed gender reassignment surgeries on minors to members of the General Assembly. The letter was sent to Rep. James Tipton. It was quoted on the floor of the State Senate in March. 

“The letter shows that these surgeries did in fact occur and were occurring when Andy Beshear vetoed Senate Bill 150,” Cameron said. “According to the Herald Leader, the provider now says these procedures have ‘completely stopped since the passage of SB 150.’ That should say it all. These procedures ended when the legislature overrode the Governor’s veto.”