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Breaking News: Beshear Caught Lying About Gender Reassignment Surgery for Minors

August 7, 2023

Free Beacon: “Kentucky Clinic Refutes Andy Beshear’s Claim That Youth Gender Reassignment Surgeries ‘Don’t Happen’ in State”

Louisville, Ky. (August 7, 2023) – The Daniel Cameron for Governor campaign is drawing attention to a new article which reveals Andy Beshear is lying in his ad about gender reassignment surgeries and his veto of a ban on the procedures.

“Andy Beshear can’t stop lying about gender reassignment surgery for minors,” said Attorney General and Republican nominee for Governor Daniel Cameron. “We know for a fact that gender reassignment surgery for kids was taking place in Kentucky. Andy Beshear sided with his far left allies and vetoed a bill to ban these procedures. Andy is lying in the middle of an election to mislead voters. Kentuckians are smart enough to see through his shameful lies.”

According to the Free Beacon:

A University of Kentucky clinic is admitting it performed gender reassignment surgeries on minors before state lawmakers passed a ban on those procedures—legislation that Democratic governor Andy Beshear vetoed because he said the surgeries “don’t happen in Kentucky.”

The University of Kentucky’s website divides “gender reassignment surgery” into two categories—”bottom surgery” and “top surgery.” While the university says it has not performed “bottom surgery” on minors, it has performed “top surgery” on 16-year-olds in an attempt to help them “resemble their identified gender.”

In his ad, Beshear says he has always opposed gender reassignment surgeries and that they do not happen in Kentucky. The letter shows that these surgeries did in fact occur and were occurring when he vetoed the ban on surgeries. In 2022, Beshear also said boys could compete in girls’ sports, even after puberty as long as “surgical anatomical changes” had taken place. 

In an interview last month, Beshear said “My position on this has always been clear. I have never supported gender reassignment surgery for minors, and they don’t happen in Kentucky.”

“It’s a totally hypocritical, election year flip-flop from Governor Beshear,” House Education Chairman James Tipton said. “Earlier this year, I got a letter proving that gender reassignment surgeries were happening in Kentucky. We passed a bill to protect our kids. Andy Beshear vetoed it. The only reason these surgeries are not happening in Kentucky now is because we overrode the Governor’s veto.”

“As the primary author of legislation banning gender reassignment surgeries for minors, I’m appalled to watch Governor Beshear lie straight to the camera about his support of these radical, life-altering procedures for children,” State Senator Max Wise said. “Andy Beshear vetoed this legislation instead of protecting our children. He sided with the proponents of radical gender ideology – his veto clearly demonstrates his support for these radical experimental treatments and he’s trying to hide that fact from the voters in the middle of an election year.”

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