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ICYMI: Daniel Cameron Announces “Cameron Public Safety Plan” To Reduce Crime and Support Law Enforcement

July 12, 2023

Louisville, Ky. (July 12, 2023) – The Daniel Cameron for Governor campaign released “The Cameron Public Safety Plan” yesterday as an alternative vision to reduce crime and support law enforcement in a contrast with Andy Beshear’s soft-on-crime record as Governor.

“Under a Cameron Administration, we will prioritize the safety of hardworking, law-abiding citizens again. We will talk about the profession of law enforcement honorably again. We will put bad people in jail and keep them there. 

And unlike the Governor, I’m not offering talking points and empty promises. I am offering Kentuckians a specific, hard hitting plan of solutions.” 

– Daniel Cameron, Attorney General and Republican Nominee for Governor. 

Watch General Cameron’s speech unveiling the Cameron Safety Plan here 

Download the Cameron Public Safety Plan

David Osborne, Kentucky Speaker of the House, responded to the
Cameron Public Safety Plan 

“We continue to watch lives shattered as homicides are on the rise in Kentucky’s biggest city,” House Speaker David Osborne said. “Instead of working with state and local officials to address the issue, the Governor continues to pursue the same failing policies that created the problems. He prematurely released violent criminals right back on the very streets they committed their crimes on. I want to work with an administration who appreciates the role our law enforcement officials play and supports policies that deal with crime.”

Oldham County Sheriff Tim Wakefield also praised the Cameron Public Safety Plan

“I will have to say that in my 34 year career this is the first time I have seen someone put together a comprehensive plan from recruitment to actual penalty phases to take care of the problems that are facing the Commonwealth today,” said Oldham County Sheriff Tim Wakefield. “We are genuinely excited about this.” 

Andy Beshear has emboldened crime and failed to support law enforcement

As Governor, Andy Beshear has failed to reduce crime and to give Kentucky’s law enforcement community the resources and support needed to do their jobs.

During 2020, Andy Beshear followed the lead of Democrats across the nation: He locked down Kentucky’s schools and unlocked Kentucky’s jails.

In 2020 alone, Andy Beshear released 1,700 criminals from jail, with nearly 50 percent of these criminals going on to reoffend. Nearly a third of the 1700 went on to commit felonies. Separately, 262 of the 1700 were later charged with misdemeanors.

Andy Beshear has never answered questions about his culpability in making crime worse in Kentucky, and his own Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Secretary said Beshear’s actions took “courage.”

In 2020, rural counties saw a 68.5% increase in homicides. From 2019 to 2021, carjackings in Louisville increased by more than 200%. Louisville has experienced a historic high of murders for three years in a row, and under Andy Beshear’s watch, Louisville has outpaced Chicago and Philadelphia’s murder rates.

Coverage of The Cameron Public Safety Plan

“Republican gubernatorial nominee Daniel Cameron proposed awarding recruitment and retention bonuses to bolster police forces, part of a sweeping public safety plan unveiled Tuesday that calls for tougher penalties against drug traffickers found responsible for causing deaths in Kentucky.” – Associated Press: GOP’s Cameron releases crime-fighting plan in bid to unseat Democratic Gov. Beshear in Kentucky

“Daniel Cameron believes ‘Kentucky will be the best place in America to be a police officer’ if he’s elected governor.”- Lex 18: Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron releases public safety plan

“Cameron’s 12-point plan included tough-on-crime measures such as stiffer penalties for drug dealers tied to fatal overdoses and making it harder for parole boards to release prisoners.” – WLKY: Daniel Cameron blames Gov. Beshear for crime in Kentucky, unveils public safety plan