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Cameron Campaign Responds To Craft’s Lies In Latest Attack Ad

March 10, 2023

Louisville, KY – The Cameron for Governor campaign today released the following in response to an advertisement and Op-Ed distributed by the Kelly Craft campaign for Governor.

“Is Kelly Craft running for Governor of West Virginia? The coal plant she’s referring to in her flailing attack is a West Virginia plant. It provides no economic value to the Commonwealth, it appears none of the plant’s workers live in Kentucky, and it contributes no tax revenue to Kentucky communities”, said Cameron Strategist Brandon Moody. “Moreover, utility rates would go up under Craft’s plan to have Kentuckians pay for the plant’s improvements. Kelly is free to hop on her fancy private jet (paid for by coal mining profits) and run for Governor of Oklahoma or West Virginia if she wishes. But if you’re going to advocate for Kentucky you might want to, oh I don’t know, advocate for Kentucky jobs and Kentucky ratepayers over those in West Virginia. 

We expect more of these lies to come since Kelly’s $2 million and counting from her and her attack PAC has produced zero results for her campaign. She’s only going to grow more desperate.”

Questions for Reporters to ask Kelly Craft:

  • How does Kentucky paying to keep open a West Virginia plant with zero Kentucky jobs benefit our Commonwealth?
  • How many coal miners and workers shown in Kelly’s latest ad are paid for directly by Craft-owned businesses?
  • Rates will go up significantly if Kelly gets her way here – so why is Kelly Craft advocating for higher rates for Kentuckians when 99.3% of the coal is West Virginia coal and Kentucky derives no economic benefit? Her idea is to force Kentucky ratepayers to cover half the bill? It’s a bad deal for Kentucky.
  • Further, Kelly actually knows it’s a bad deal for Kentucky – at least her major benefactor Alliance Coal does. As proof, the Kentucky Industrial Utility Customers (KIUC) intervened, and filed joint briefs together with Attorney General Cameron’s office in this case. Alliance Coal is a member of KIUC – so Kelly either doesn’t understand the issue or doesn’t care.

Background – Cameron has led the fight for KENTUCKY Coal and American Energy:

In terms of actual results, Daniel Cameron as AG has done an incredible amount of actual work, achieving actual results advocating for KENTUCKY coal and fighting the Biden administration’s EPA. Just a few highlights… 

  • Sued President Biden to stop the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline.
  • Recently obtained an injunction stopping him from dramatically increasing the cost of fossil fuel energy. 
  • Opposed the Biden administration’s efforts to exploit air quality standards as a method for attacking coal and imposing energy policies that are unfavorable for most Americans.
  • Moving to stop the EPA’s attempts to overregulate coal and coal-fired plants out of existence, an issue that is now before the United States Supreme Court.
  • Helped save $113 Million in utility rate increases on Kentuckians

Publicly Available Here:

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