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Daniel Cameron Statement On First Attack Ad

March 6, 2023

Louisville, KY – Statement from Daniel Cameron on first attack ads of the race:

“It’s flattering to be attacked this early because it shows the strength of our lead, and also lays bare the fact that my opponents know they can’t win on their own merits. I know voters are smart – they’ll see this for what it is – silliness. Kentuckians know I’ve been a conservative fighter on every issue that matters to them. I’ve taken on Biden and Beshear and their liberal agendas – I’ve sued them at the highest courts in the country and WON. That’s why President Donald Trump has endorsed my campaign for Governor. President Trump endorsed me over candidates who used to work for him. Why? Because he knows that I do more than talk. He knows I’ve taken action. And Trump knows I have the courage and the skill to fight and win.”

Publicly Available Background on Immigration and Drug-Related Activities Undertaken by AG Cameron:

Pressuring Biden on Fentanyl: In early 2022, General Cameron joined 16 other states in urging the US State Department to take tougher actions in preventing fentanyl from crossing international borders into the US. This was done to stop the flow of illegal Chinese fentanyl components into Mexico where they are then smuggled into the US to poison our population.

Title 42: In April of 2022, General Cameron helped lead an effort to stop Joe Biden from terminating Title 42. This policy had allowed the Border Patrol to immediately return illegal aliens to Mexico if they were apprehended. By eliminating this Covid-era policy, the Biden Administration would’ve opened the border to millions of additional illegal immigrants. 

Fentanyl as WMD: General Cameron has repeatedly urged the Biden Administration to classify fentanyl as a weapon of Mass Destruction. This would open up more resources for law enforcement and allow additional interdiction to be done on materials used to create the drug. 

Stopping Parole Power: Joined with other AGs across the country to stop Joe Biden from allowing up to 360,000 illegal immigrants to migrate to the US every year. The program would’ve used the parole power of the Federal Government to allow hundreds of thousands of new migrants into the US yearly, instead of dealing with the crisis on our southern border. 

Holding Drug Companies Accountable: Since taking office in 2019, General Cameron has brought in more than $842 million into Kentucky to fight opioid abuse. To assist with these efforts, he has launched “Operation Fight Fentanyl” to get resources to those communities and organizations that need help in fighting this scourge. 

Demanding Cartels be Classified as Terror Organizations: General Cameron has been fighting Mexican Cartels bringing in drugs to Kentucky since his first day in office, but he needs more help. Recently, he demanded that the Biden Administration designate the Cartels as foreign terrorist organizations in order to more fully take them on at all levels of government.