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January 20, 2023


Louisville, KY – The campaign of Daniel Cameron for Governor today released the findings of a new statewide survey showing Daniel Cameron more than 30 points ahead of his closest competitor in the Republican primary

Across all demographics, and markets, General Cameron is leading the field by a wide margin. Overall on the primary ballot, Cameron sits at 39% to his nearest competitor at 8%. 

General Cameron begins the race with an impressive image rating that far outpaces the other candidates tested. There is no subgroup of voters or region of the state where Cameron shows any electoral weakness. 81% of Republican voters say they have heard of General Cameron, with his image rating sitting at 62% – 8% favorable to unfavorable. By comparison, the favorable image ratings for the other candidates tested are less than half of Cameron’s. 

Among self-identified strong, Base Republicans, 66% view General Cameron favorably, as do 68% of self-identified pro-life voters, 67% of self-identified born again and evangelical Christians, and 65% of NRA supporters. 

President Trump, who endorsed General Cameron’s candidacy, remains highly popular among Kentucky’s Republican primary voters. President Trump’s image rating sits at 79%-19% favorable to unfavorable, with favorability among self-identified strong, Base Republicans at 88%. 

Statement from Cameron Strategist Brandon Moody:
“Across every demographic, and every corner of the commonwealth, Daniel is winning. Older, younger, Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Paducah, rural, urban, suburban, he’s winning it all. Conservative, establishment, and Trump only voters all support Daniel. Republican voters are making it very clear that they believe only Daniel Cameron can unite our party and finally defeat Andy Beshear. That’s a promise Kentucky voters can take to the bank.” 

The survey, from the national polling firm, Meeting Street Researchcan be found here.


Findings on the primary ballot question are below:
The survey asked a cross section of 500 Kentucky Republicans, “If the primary election for Governor of Kentucky were held today, for whom would you vote?”  

General Cameron on the primary Ballot holds a commanding lead:

Daniel Cameron – 39%
Kelly Craft – 8%
Ryan Quarles – 8%
Eric Deters – 2%
Mike Harmon – 2%
Remaining Candidate Field – 2%
Undecided – 38%

General Cameron holds strong leads among several key Republican primary constituencies. His lead expands among: 

Pro-Life voters (44% Cameron, 8% Quarles, 7% Craft, 2% Deters, 2% Harmon, 1% Keck)

Evangelicals (42% Cameron, 9% Quarles, 7% Craft, 2% Harmon, 2% Keck, 1% Deters)Base

Republicans (42% Cameron, 7% Craft, 7% Quarles, 2% Deters, 1% Harmon, 1% Keck) 

NRA supporters (42% Cameron, 7% Craft, 7% Quarles, 2% Deters, 1% Harmon, 1% Keck)

General Cameron also hits 40% on the primary ballot test among consistent Republican primary voters – those who have voted in all last three primary elections:  40% Cameron, 17% Quarles, 9% Craft, 1% Deters, 1% Harmon, and 1% Keck. 

Among Trump supporters, Cameron’s lead widens to 37 points:  
Daniel Cameron – 44%
Kelly Craft – 7%
Ryan Quarles – 5%
Eric Deters – 3%
Mike Harmon – 2%
Alan Keck- 1%

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