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Spectrum News 1: Daniel Cameron talks entering 2023 Kentucky Governor’s race

July 5, 2022

Republican Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron filed paperwork in May 2022 to enter the state’s 2023 governor’s race.

“I’ve decided to run for Governor because Kentucky needs a leader who reflects the values of the men, women and children of all 120 counties,” said Cameron. “That’s not our current Governor.”

Cameron also commented on his recent endorsements from the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America organization and former President Donald Trump.

“We’re going to have to take our message to as many folks as we possibly can. And we’re gonna have to do it with a smile on our face. And because ultimately, I think that’s what wins at the end of the day, is having a positive message, talking about what you’ve done, or in our case, what we’ve done over the last three years to stand up boldly for conservative values, and do it in a pleasant way … we have the ability to build a wide coalition within the Republican Party that we’re gonna need to win in November 2023,” explains Cameron.

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